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Q: I got error message "Failed to query MX server of" when I was trying to send e-mail.
A: This means you need to enter a right DNS server address.
You may also need to check if the e-mail address you want to send is right. The right format of an e-mail address looks like or

Click [Settings->Detect DNS] to detect your local DNS settings.

Please use following dns server if your local DNS server didn't work. It is one line per DNS server. After entering, you need to click button [Settings->Test DNS] to check if it works on your PC. And then, click [OK] to save settings.

If all the dns can't work on your net environment, you need to ask your ISP(Internet Service Provider). "What is our local DNS server address?". And then enter your local DNS server.

Please use DNS server list on the following site, you will find DNS server's IP address at the bottom of that page:

Below is the settings windows. To open Settings windows, you need to click [Settings] button on the main interface of our application.



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