I've sent millions of messages and not a word from my ISP. An all in one bulk email program. No more hunting mail servers or open relays for me.
Thanks Super Safe Mailer!
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We provide email sending service, send email from our server for you. We guarantee 99% successful sending ratio.

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Send 10,000 emails
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Send 200,000 emails
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Send More than 200,000 emails
contact us for further information regarding volume discounts.

Once your payment is accepted, you will receive an email with your service information immediately. You will be asked for the mail content and mail list, after getting that information, we will start to send out your emails. Usually, we will send out all your emails within 24 hours, we will provide you the sending report, email open report. We guarantee 99% successful sending ratio.

The sending credit is valid in lifetime, it can be used in one time, or to be used in many times. For example, if you order 100,000 emails, you can request us to send 50,000 emails at this month, and send another 50,000 emails in the next month.

If you don't have your own mailing list, don't worry. We can also build fresh list depend on your keyword at a comfortable price. For example, finance consultant, web page design. Contact us if you need to build list.

faq of bulk email software. Read report of Bulk Email VS traditional marketing ways




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