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Relative to traditional marketing ways, bulk email has a huge advantage.

High attention: Any traditional media can not has 100% reading rate, while any one e-mail must be opened before knowing its content, the reading rate of email are unmatched by other media.
The audience: The survey shows that the people contact network is basically a higher cultural level of young people, the very high average quality, active thinking, and has a strong purchasing power.
Advertising via
Traditional mail E-mail
from $10,000 $20,000
(1 million circulation)
(1 million mails)
Fleeting Glimpse Throw Away Must Read
High efficiency: No other formalities, no other media costs and bureaucratic production and transmission of the process, such as television production, newspaper layout, letter paper and printing. Just the basic conditions of the Internet and the most basic network knowledge, and your customer base for the world.
Fast: Send it after composing, the other side will be able to receive immediately. Send 100,000 e-mail only about 3-5 hours.

As can be seen from the above chart, in several major advertising ways, e-mail has advantages that others don't have, and it is most commonly used in the most economical and practical network marketing.
In general, many
companies don't have mail server which can send high-volume mailing list, with the mass-mailing software, this problem can be solved. It simulates to send bulk mail manually, can effectively avoid email account blocking problem which because of sending too many email in a period. It greatly improve the transmission efficiency of bulk email. To use the stable mass mailing software, within a short period of time the company's product information is put in a huge amount of customer's e-mail address, so that to make the corporate brand well known, famous in the world. Thus, the orders of the company will be able to double, and can realize low-cost high-efficiency and enable enterprises to take the lead in the highly competitive market!
This shows that
the role of the mass mailing can not be ignored. We recommend Our Bulk Email Softwares, affordable, stable performance, and it is a professional mass mailing software.






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